The 55 lots within the 24 hectares “makes for a patchwork of diversity”, explains Tarlant from the cellar in his family house. “This is like a puzzle of different small vineyards, and they all add diversity to our wines, it brings different aromas and tastes coming from very different subsoils”. He recalls that in the past, the previous generations were not as detailed as now. “There were different times and different settings”, he adds.

For Benoit the key is to stay focus on the nature and always take the time nature demands. “As simple as that: my ideas are not revolutionary”, he says. “Today we often have the feeling that everything is shorter, that everything has to go faster. But as a winegrower, for the work I do today I know I will only see results in 2018, 2020, 2022. In this context, my relationship with the time is different… I know I have to be patient.”

Benoit Tarlant

Although Benoit’s focus is on wines from authentic terroir selection, he doesn’t forget for a minute that his past is the most valuable card he is holding. “I am lucky enough to have worked with my father, grandfather and great grandfather. This makes you put things in perspective differently”, he says.

“You don’t just arrive here saying I will change everything. You first look where you came from; you listen to the advice of the elders and then you start defining how you want to continue your own path.”
Benoit thinks that “if you go with the flow you may end up forgetting the fundamentals, which are nature and plants”.

Benoit Tarlant

“My family has been winegrowers in Champagne since 1687. I am the twelfth generation. The first one to make Champagne Tarlant was my great great great grandfather: Louis Tarlant” points Benoit.

Tarlant – La Vigne d’Or (2003) LVO

The LVO is one of the great expressions of this parcel selection. It’s hard to forget the freshness and vitality of this 100% Pinot Meunier. Benoit Tarlant’s hand in the clay-limestone vineyard “Pierre Bellevue” de Oeully -with 50 year old vines. In the nose, the wine reminds you of apples, some citric, with an almond finish. In the mouth, the wine surprises with body and creaminess.

Benoit Tarlant