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Vini Cast (vinicast.com) is a small but dedicated website which is eager to cater your needs and work with you to create custom marketing programs on the site. The growing audience is young, curious, and receptive to new ideas, making them active and open-minded consumers, ready to hear about your products and services.

This Site’s Reach

175K+ Followers (Twitter)
13K+ Followers (Instagram)
2.5+ Million Pageviews
2 Million Uniques
100k+ Subscribers

Who I have worked with

I worked with brands of all kinds—everything from sex lifestyle to private confessions.

Native Content

I would love to work with you to develop a marketing plan that suits your particular needs. For a closer look at what this site can offer, check out the options below. And if you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to run them by me! I pride myself on being flexible and approachable.


Sponsored articles are perfect when you want to deliver a nuanced and compelling message to this site’s audience. I can write engaging articles that help you express the heart of your brand and direct traffic back to your sites.


I’ll help you start a conversation. With thousands of followers across Instagram and Twitter, I can help you boost brand awareness as well as traffic.


Make sure your message is seen at the key moment when the site’s audience is viewing a content, or searching for that perfect something. I can make many ad sizes for you to choose from and can work with you to make sure the right ad is in the right place at the right time.

Email me now at [email protected]