Sex Dolls with Intelligence: Not easy to manufacture and certify

The new sex dolls talk and move, but they are not only created to satisfy sexual pleasure. With the possibility of programming the personality, they also intend to conquer the owners. How is Harmony 2.0, the model that reflects the future of robotics? Many people doubt that is testing sex dolls an actual job but you can be assured that it is not an easy job; you need help of sex trainers to get this job.

From work tasks to leisure proposals, technology incurs more and more in the activities of people. And within that growing prominence also includes sexual life. They claim, give pleasure to humans. Robophilia is already a reality and it is only a matter of time before humans fall in love with cybernetic figures.

The first sex robot in history was presented in 2010. Roxy – so-called – generated a great impact at that time, since it was defined as the representation of the evolution of inflatable or silicone dolls. This was the first issue of many others to come in which were correcting details, increasing the functions and improving the appearance. The industry intends in each design to further refine the intimate interaction between humans and technological artifacts.… Read the rest

Enjoy Sex while bathing: Make your lover out of Control

Sex in the shower is not free of charge often content wet dreams. When playing love under the water jet it comes to hot experiences. Here are best shower positions for bubbly highlights under the shower.

The best sex positions in the shower

In the shower it is tight, slippery and steamy. And these are basically the best conditions for tingling experiences for two. Nevertheless, there is also a danger of mishaps. In the following poses you take risks out of the way, use the place optimally and conjure up a love temple from the tiny cabin.

Closely entwined

In this position you can look deeply into the eyes. She lifts her at the hips up; she wraps her legs around you and leans against the tiles with her back. A small wall projection or handles on the wall can help with jacking.


In the classic sex position under the shower, your sweetheart is standing with his back to you, leaning against the wall as you enter. Because you do not need your hands for lifting, you can hug your sweetheart, pamper your fingers and enjoy the pattering water.


The coziest of all sex positions in the shower is at the expense of spontaneity and requires equipment.… Read the rest

Beginner’s Guide to Dildos and tips for protecting it from others

You need a toy for internal stimulation, and then your goal is a dildo. Different colours, shapes and sizes, they are created for pleasure, which cannot be obtained from other toys. Even though dildos cannot rotate, vibrate and pulsate, they can give comfort, which will not provide electronic gadgets, so it is essential to choose the right model.

When you think about buying a dildo, then you believe that it is enough to write in Google: “a good dildo” and he will show you the perfect model. Unfortunately, this does not happen, but we have broken down the possible models into categories to simplify the selection.


They are designed specifically for anal use and have some differences from the standard. Anal dildos are usually already and have a form that allows you to stimulate more nerve endings. Most often they have an expanding base for safer use.


In Strap department you will find both the belts and are compatible with their dildos or ready sets. Beginners will appreciate the kits, as they are easy to use and they are prepared to handle. If you have already used strap-ons, you may want to replenish your collection with durable and wear-resistant straps that fit well with existing toys.… Read the rest

Prince Albert – “Manly” Piercing: How stylish it is

Genital piercing is preferred by people who want to emphasise their sexuality and love experiments in intimate life. Among the popular types of male genital punctures is Piercing Prince Albert (Prince Albert piercing) – a puncture in the penis (head, urethra, bridle, foreskin)

This type of body modification, according to legend, comes from England of the Victorian era. The husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, the owner of the genitalia of impressive size, came up with an exciting way to fix them to the inside of the trousers to practice horseback riding without inconvenience. He punctured the penis and inserted a ring into it, and with the help of a particular chain attached the organ to the clothes. For some time this kind of “decoration” of the genitals among the English aristocrats was quite popular, and today it is used by those who are not afraid of pain and want to experience fundamentally new sensations in sex.

How is a penis pierced?

The place where men prefer to pierce their “dignity” can be any:

  • Foreskin;
  • Top of the head;
  • Urethra;
  • Bridle;
  • The area of ​​skin between the penis and scrotum.

Most often, when it comes to piercing Prince Albert, a vertical puncture of the head in the area of ​​the urethra, in which the ring passes through part of the external section of the urethra.… Read the rest

Enjoyment with a Butt Plug: You should know the Secrets

The thing with the plugs is that they often have too short a catch for the calf muscle, which is much too pronounced. Yours should be used to be able to close completely and then there hangs an object that ensures that it only goes down to a diameter of 1-2cm. That this hurts after some time is not surprising. The professionals will correct you: it cannot be the point of the matter getting your anus used to not closing properly. In addition, such plugs are usually stupid because they can be pushed out.

You can solve the problem by making your own one out of aluminum, which will rework until the anus is able to close the entire length up to a few mm in diameter. However, this is a thing that looks different for every person so a made-to-measure. So hold it loose for a day, without afterwards or suffer from sphincter-release.

Anal plugs are very different from other sex toys

So where is the difference between an anal plug and a dildo or vibrator? While there are many toys intended for anal use, anal plugs have some distinctive character traits.… Read the rest

What is better – a vibrator or a dildo? What to choose?

What is better – a vibrator or a dildo? How to understand what kind of sex toy should be purchased? In the war of vibrator vs dildos here are the main differences between the vibrator and the dildos are and what you should pay attention to when choosing a particular toy.

Availability of Vibration

The vibrator has it; dildo does not. Various modes of vibration, pulsation, escalation are designed to give you additional stimulation of the walls of the vagina, anus or clitoris, from which the sensations will be much brighter, and orgasms will overtake you faster.

Strong Style Toys

As a rule, vibrators have a firmer barrel. This is due to the presence inside the vibropuli or motors, which are covered with a plastic layer to preserve their integrity. Phalluses do not have this feature. Due to this, they are more flexible and soft and therefore are ideal for experiments in various sex positions. However, this does not mean that rubber (dildos from the cyber skin, TPD, gel, etc.) vibrators are “oak”, they bend less.

Design and Model Range

The third difference is a wide choice of designs and models for vibrators and a minimal choice for dildos.… Read the rest

Guide to buy the Perfect Latex Clothing for You

Latex clothing appeared in the America during the sexual revolution of the 60s – indeed, it is impossible to name such clothing as a “fetish object”, because latex clothing fits the body so tightly that it literally creates the illusion of a second skin. Only she has not reached all over the world fully yet, here she is only beginning to spread due to the high price for her and the lack of information about these clothes. But in America, there are about a thousand people who belong to the latex community.

Latex fetish subculture has been developed over the course of many years of the history of such clothes, and it is becoming more and more popular among everything – this is due to the use of latex clothing in fashion shows and films made, at fashion shows and performances by popular artists and singers.

Undoubtedly, these people in latex clothes get a very effective appearance – after all, these clothes tightly and smoothly fit the body, not only making the body beautiful, but also bringing unique erotic sensations. Therefore, this material is indispensable in sexual games. But as party clothes, latex clothes are extremely popular!… Read the rest

What was the chastity belt for you? Not for what you imagine.

The chastity belt, generally speaking, until recently was instead a fictional device- at least, an analysis of the medievalist Albrecht Classen and some other specialists whom you inclined to trust in this matter speaks about this. The belt exhibited in the British Museum is now removed to the storeroom as a fake date to the XIX or, at the earliest, XVIII century and the idea itself appeared not earlier than the 1400s, and as a satire; the medieval husbands of their wives were not locked in their belts.

The belt of fidelity, designed for a little bit long wearing at that time was just nothing to do: iron or leather is not the materials that allow you to create something similar without severe health risks. In the 19th and 20th centuries, a lot of structures were patented that were designed to limit access to the genitals in adolescents and serve to prevent masturbation (yes, it was then thought that there was something terrible and masturbation provokes mental disorders), so the real history of chastity belts begins already in the industrial age.

What the man believed.

That is the idea also of the majority of people that you have asked, and of others that you do not know, but who have written about it: it was an invention of the Crusaders to avoid infidelity.… Read the rest