Benefits Of Sex Dolls

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Sex Dolls with Intelligence: Not easy to manufacture and certify

The new sex dolls talk and move, but they are not only created to satisfy sexual pleasure. With the possibility of programming the personality, they also intend to conquer the owners. How is Harmony 2.0, the model that reflects the future of robotics? Many people doubt that is testing sex dolls an actual job but you can be assured that it is not an easy job; you need help of sex trainers to get this job.

From work tasks to leisure proposals, technology incurs more and more in the activities of people. And within that growing prominence also includes sexual life. They claim, give pleasure to humans. Robophilia is already a reality and it is only a matter of time before humans fall in love with cybernetic figures.

The first sex robot in history was presented in 2010. Roxy – so-called – generated a great impact at that time, since it was defined as the representation of the evolution of inflatable or silicone dolls. This was the first issue of many others to come in which were correcting details, increasing the functions and improving the appearance. The industry intends in each design to further refine the intimate interaction between humans and technological artifacts.

Currently, the machines are equipped with sensors throughout the body, so that they can respond when they are touched, and sometimes, the response depends on the personality trait that was chosen for the sex robot. Most of these humanoids have mobility functions although none of them walks yet; many also have artificial intelligence systems.

This year the robot named Harmony 2.0 will be presented, the most advanced prototype among its own. With a look like that of a porn star, she has a body and brain that works through an application. It comes with a “persistent memory” that allows you to build relationships with your owners and remember facts and data related to them. Therefore, the designers argue that it can even make the user fall in love.

The user will have the option to choose the physical features: you can customize the genitals, choose between several faces for your model, and select the skin color, among other options.

For those who do not just look for a sexual encounter, the possible conversations will not be limited to sexual themes since the AI ​​allows making possible another type of talks.

The newest can also be modified personality

Sex with robots, they say, can help people with difficulties to have intimate relationships. But according to a study by the Foundation for Robotic Responsibility (FRR), it also involves “risks” such as increased reification of women, social isolation or alteration of perception in matters of consent.

There is no doubt that a pornographic representation of female bodies is created in this type of machines.

Myths about the sex instructor

The topic of sex in our country is very taboo. In my practice, there are often cases when a couple’s problem is clearly in sexual relations, but people are ready to talk about anything, but not about that. Therefore so many problems in relationships, betrayal, the destruction of attachment arrives.

For some reason, many people think that a sex trainer is a character who changes lovers like gloves and just shares a rich experience of intimate life. And the second popular myth is that a sex coach teaches how to develop a vibrant sex life with a variety of partners and without consequences. In fact, everything is not so.

It so happened that you got into the Secrets at the moment when everything was just beginning. The process of training new employees was not as delicately planned as it is now, so you had to learn very quickly. Literally 1.5 months for the whole program. And this is not only well-known to psychology, but also the theory and practice of sexual techniques. One of the main tasks of the coach is to learn how to teach the technical side of the question so as not to slip into vulgarity.

The atmosphere in the center is very working. Trainings are not cheap, and everyone wants their full amount of knowledge for their money. Yes, coaches are joking a lot, and everything is fun and easy, but the main emotion is concentration: we diligently assimilated new information. You can notice that many girls are not here for the first time. During the break, they exchanged views on other instructors and trainings.

Training participant

The teacher in the center teaches not only to control the body, but also pays great attention to the psychology of relationships, the correct setting for a partner. After all, sex is not a set of movements; it is the maximum intimacy with another person although almost all instructors lead programs for those who are still searching for their half.

A full program of a trainer implies knowledge of courses in three areas – sexual mastery, psychology of relationships, and women’s health. Most popular training is the free master class for having sex with the realistic sex dolls.

How to become a sex coach

In Secrets, only a professional psychologist with experience can become a teacher. Centers usually do not take very young professionals – there is a risk that instead of the problems of clients, they will solve their own. Still, working with such an intimate sphere of life as sex requires from a psychologist and knowledge, and wisdom, and professional, and life experience. Otherwise, there are no restrictions. Both men and women work as trainers. Perhaps charisma is also important. But it is important for any work with people.

Novice trainer is trained at the expense of the company. Interns even get paid. At first they oversee the work of colleagues. And master the technique with the help of simulators. There cannot be shalturit, cannot be limited to theory, if you are going to conduct practical training. As a rule, all those who are serious about working at the center are trained successfully.

This does not came from “random” people. Strangely enough, a team of like-minded people is chosen here, people for whom harmonious relationships in a couple are important and interesting.

Usually, this profession does not go somewhere else in another industry. It happens that the psychologist gets tired of individual counseling and switches to training activities. Coaches sometimes leave the center – start their own business. Some centers have a franchise, we don’t have one. But with those who have ventured on free swimming, good, friendly relations are maintained.