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The best sexual swings: Use it as a Pro, disguise it as a Pro

Break the monotony of conventional sex by surprising your partner with a sex swing with which you will discover new and incredible pleasures. But after having a high voltage intercourse session with your partner don’t forget to clean it properly and hide it in a dark n cool place. The best tips on keeping your sex swing/sling hidden are to keep it in secret dark place with lock and key so no one can find it.

What are sexual swings?

Well, BDSM objects designed to be used with physical structures or hanging in the air, specially intended to practice in them the best positions as a couple. Some swings of which, once you try them, you will not want to go down then the erotic acrobatics that will take place in them will move you to an exciting world of sensations of the most morbid. Add a touch of originality to your intimate relationships and enjoy intense erotic sessions of pleasure, “flying” into a universe of unparalleled close encounters.

Types of sexual swings

Ways to innovate in bed there are many. Some are a bit more daring than others. The truth is that the way in which is innovated depends a lot on the trust that is established between the couple. The sex swings are prototypes that support the body weight and facilitate the performance of many sexual practices. These can hold the couple simultaneously or to a single person. They can be adapted to the ceiling or can provide their support.

It is common to see how Kinky couples and those who conceive of BDSM practices in their sexual relations incorporate swings in their original play spaces. Besides, they have the special facility to imagine the sexual positions that they are going to develop. But the rhythm is also acquired by couples with difficulties to exercise different types of sexual situations. It is used to get out of the monotony or want to incorporate their fun encounters.

At a sex toy shop, youcan select a full range of sexual swings with the help of professionals. Also, they incorporate into their catalogue the brands that work best and provide security to users. In the case of the swing you have to take special care and control of the guarantee, otherwise irremediable accidents could occur.

Through this article, you know which the swings are most popular. A way to let you know the best and to be able to acquire the one you like the most.

Luxury Swings

Swings of love with luxury category have been developed for adult games. This model is manufactured in Europe. You can read all your specifications in the product file. All its components are made of top quality materials and are very comfortable. Besides, the touch of the product is charming when it is in contact with our skin.

Each coupling contains a technology of easy closing and easy opening. Also, each part of the swing can be adjusted, and any product of the Ouch brand can be added to the rhythm! It is a standardised product so you can go adding different pieces or modules and never fall into monotony. This model is allowed to disassemble and clean quickly. Besides, its parts of cotton you can even wash them in the washing machine.

Fetish Fantasy Swings

With this support for swings, you can turn any room of your house into a BDSM playground. The swing holds up to 180 kg. Besides, it works with any of our swings from the Fetish Fantasy collection. It is a structure for you to put it permanently in a specific space or for you to put it on and take it off. Easy to assemble and disassemble

The steel tube offers stability and freedom of movement that allows you to explore new positions that you never thought possible. Mounts in less than 10 minutes with the mounting tool provided. Also, no additional tools are needed. The frame of the swing is fine, and it allows you to connect a wide variety of your favourite Fetish Fantasy bondage accessories like handcuffs, anklets, etc. to create exciting scenarios in your submissive games. You can instantly transform your sex swing into a fantastic ‘Swing Bondage’ by utilising these functions integrated into the steel loops. Consequently, the possibilities of pleasure are endless. Even the framework also provides additional support to try new positions in the sex swing.

Luxury Bondage Swings

Finally, it gives a twist to your relationships with your partner. Incorporate something different and enjoy to the fullest. Fetish Fantasy presents the complete love swings in the sex toys market. It is gradual and extensive with support for the feet and gets maximum comfort. Also, it turns on itself 360º. This swing is one size and Holds up to one hundred and sixty kilos. And, you will be able to install it in the frame of the door or on the ceiling in a straightforward way.

Now you have an idea of different swings with fixings in the floor, in the ceiling, also, to place it in the frame of a door. You need to think where you want to put it or if you’re going to have it fixed or only for occasions. But above all, if you need advice on this type of accessories do not hesitate to contact our expert advisors. They will take care of solving all your doubts. And, now you have to practice interesting, innovative and above all pleasant postures.

Who are the erotic swings to make love for?

Both for lovers of bondage and BDSM practices and for all those who want to experience fun and exciting ways of living their sexuality in a fresh and uninhibited way, in the purest style of their favourite porn movies.

How many types of bondage swings are there?

Introduce yourself in the world of the most original sexual postures you can imagine with the help of the following swings: Luxury swing, Fetish Fantasy swing for doors, Multi love swing, Fetish Fantasy black fantasy swing etc.

These sexual swings are so versatile that with them you can even slide into a wide range of yoga postures horizontally and vertically so that you strengthen and stretch every muscle of your body in an initial film encounter. Besides, if you are looking for a supplement for your sex swing, you can buy some erotic electrostimulation items.