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Hi all!

Here are some of the great blogs that I like!  Most of these blogs focus on sex toy reviews, but many of them also offer thought-provoking pieces on sexuality in general.

Check em out and say hello!

In alphabetical order:

  1. Ace in the Hole
  2. AFemmeCock — Beautiful writing voice.
  3. Dangerous Lilly — Dare I say it? The Sex Toy Safety Queen. Extremely knowledgeable and all-around awesome.
  4. Deviantt Kitten — Kick ass babe. I love her to bits. ’nuff said.
  5. Emmeline Peaches Reviews — The best of everything. Beautiful writing, crystal clear reviews. Probably a world famous author??
  6. Erika Lynae
  7. Ero-Centric — Easy to read-reviews and super friendly blog.
  8. Formidable Femme — Excellent essays on sexual justice and accountability.
  9. Hedonish – A great blog that intersects discussions on chronic illness and pleasure.
  10. Hermione Danger
  11. Hey Epiphora — Here be snark, here be laughs, here be brutally honest reviews.
  12. Lorax of Sex — Toy reviews and a ton of how-to guides. And ideas. Lots of ideas.
  13. Marvelous Darling — Inventor (?) of Sex Toy Math.
  14. Mr. Will
  15. Red Head Bed Head — All around amazing blog. Especially like her thought pieces.
  16. Red Hot Suz
  17. Reviews By A Nerd — Fantasy dildo boss.
  18. Sex Bloggess
  19. Sexational — Writer of many beautiful things.
  20. Squeaky Bedsprings
  21. Sugarcunt Writes — Immediately loved this blogger’s style from first piece I read. Plenty of reviews, but I also encourage you to check out her essays.
  22. The Big Gay Review — One of my favourite male sex toy blogs! Lots of content, seems to love realistic dildos as much as me (?)
  23. The Notice
  24. Toy Meets Girl — Tons of content. Gorgeous writing style.