How to mix and match cat tail plugs with your outfit?

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Renowned as a culture of BDSM, kitten play allows couples to have fun in a thrilling way. Traditionally, the submissive partner plays kitten and dominant partner plays Dom in such acts. Cats get collared as they enter into a power exchange relationship. Your partner will be the owner if he/she is playing dominant part. You will be his/her kitten.

Kittens have a lot of fun because they come into a power exchange relationship as a trainee. The owner trains their kittens and takes care of their pets as long as they are enjoying this BDSM fetish. Cats look quite amazing and attractive when equipped with all the kitten play gears. Cat tail plugs matching with outfits make this role play thing more exciting and entertaining.

What are tail plugs?

Cat tail plugs are butt plugs used by cats during pet play. Tail plugs are essentially but plugs, which look pretty fabulous the way they are made. This fuzzy accessory plays a crucial role in keeping that naughty cat aroused during cat play. Cat tail plugs are made in various different ways to match with wearer’s favorite outfits.

You can find the following types of tail plugs in the market:

  • Fox tails:

These tail plus are quite long and look bushy. Appearing like a fox tail, this tail plug features a pointed end and a high-quality butt plug for long-term anal play.

  • Pig tails:

This tail plug would have a design like the silicone dog tail, but it will be curly like a corkscrew. That unique curl differentiates pig tails from other options.

  • Dog tails:

Dog tails feature a big rubber or silicone curves and appear like a puppy’s tail.

  • Raccoon tails:

The design of raccoon tail lies between the design of cat tail and dog tails. The fur would appear black, grey, white, and brown.

  • Rabbit tails:

This variant perfectly replicates a rabbit’s tail because it is fur proof and white or grey.

  • Horse tails:

This particular tail features long strands of hair coming from fur and some horse tails can also feature silicone strands with a long butt plug.

  • Cat tails:

A cat tail is different because it will be a little thinner than other tails, long, and quite sleek in design. That’s what cats apply in their buts when role-playing as a dedicated kitten of their Doms.

Matching tail plugs with costume:

Many cats find it a challenging task, especially if they want to wear different costumes on different occasions. Cat play gear selling stores provide a complete set of tail plugs and other gears. Make sure you are using a tail plug with fur matching to your cat ears. It must compliment your outfit, but it is not necessary to be matching with your outfit. You can still look a cute and sexy cat if wearing different shade’s cat ears, cat tail plug, and outfits.

Go online and check all the available options in cat play gears. Many stores provide a complete set of gears. You can assess your outfit and see if it looks awesome with the set of cat play gears you have shortlisted. If it matches perfectly, you can place the order and wear that cat tail plug while trying to attract your dom.

How to choose the right cat tail plug?

You may already know what factors you must consider when buying a butt plug. A cat tail but plug is obviously more stylish and fashionable, but you are still buying a butt plug. So, consider the following factors:

  • Does the butt plug have a flared base?

Both men and women use their butt plugs happily because they know it won’t get clenched deep inside their butt. Top-quality butt plugs come with a flared base. The main advantage of using this kind of plug is that you can pull it out whenever you want. It will perfectly stimulate your anal walls and arouse you, but won’t fall deep inside your anus. Suppose you use a cat tail with non-flared base, you may soon visit the hospital to get it out!

  • Choose top-quality material:

Butt plugs are made of a variety of materials. Cat tail plugs are also similar. You can find tail plugs featuring plugs made of glass, stainless steel, ABS plastic, medical grade silicone, and TPE or TPR rubber. It is going to stay in your butt and many germs can get wrapped over that butt plug. Therefore, you should choose a butt plug made of non-porous materials, such as glass, stainless steel, silicone, etc. It will be a safe selection for healthy and entertaining cat play.

Tails can also be firm, soft, and tough depending on the material used to make them. You should ensure that tail’s strands won’t fall with time. It must stay attractive and sexy for a long time so that you can use it whenever role-playing as a cat in your bedroom. The LG website gives you the highest quality of products, so you can be assured that they are safe, non-toxic, and stylish.

  • Does it vibrate?

Many people follow BDSM lifestyle quite strictly. You will have to do whatever your dom likes, if you are in such a long-term relationship. Your dom might like to see you aroused when both of you are apart. That vibrating butt plug will play a crucial role if such situation arises in the future. Get a cat tail but plug that can connect to your device and vibrate. It will add more fun in your cat play fetish.

Final thoughts:

Cat play is quite entertaining and it often leads couples to a passionate intercourse. Being a naughty cat, you would try everything to lure your Dom. Put on sexy outfits and fix a matching cat tail butt plug between your butts. It will lure your owner as you will crawl like a cat with your erotic eyes and sexy figure. Right cat play gears can quickly turn you into hot and sexy cat that every Dom would like to pet and bang. So, get a set of tail plugs now and try them with your favorite outfits.