Importance Of Latex Clothing On Your Blog

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Guide to buy the Perfect Latex Clothing for You

Latex clothing appeared in the America during the sexual revolution of the 60s – indeed, it is impossible to name such clothing as a “fetish object”, because latex clothing fits the body so tightly that it literally creates the illusion of a second skin. Only she has not reached all over the world fully yet, here she is only beginning to spread due to the high price for her and the lack of information about these clothes. But in America, there are about a thousand people who belong to the latex community.

Latex fetish subculture has been developed over the course of many years of the history of such clothes, and it is becoming more and more popular among everything – this is due to the use of latex clothing in fashion shows and films made, at fashion shows and performances by popular artists and singers.

Undoubtedly, these people in latex clothes get a very effective appearance – after all, these clothes tightly and smoothly fit the body, not only making the body beautiful, but also bringing unique erotic sensations. Therefore, this material is indispensable in sexual games. But as party clothes, latex clothes are extremely popular!

Production of Latex Clothing

Latex clothing is produced as glued, which is cut from latex sheets and then glued together, and molded, which, using molds, is cast from liquid latex. Latex is also used by some couturiers and fashion houses as a material for exclusive clothing. But as a material for clothing, it is not very comfortable to use latex – latex clothing is acceptable only in a very narrow temperature range.

Seductive latex and vinyl clothing

The fact is that latex clothes allow only very small quantities of air and moisture, and therefore they are comfortable only at air temperatures ranging from +18 to +25 ° C +15 to +18 ° C temperatures in such clothes become noticeably cool!

But you need to be able to wear latex clothing! When putting on latex overalls or vinyl pants, it is better to use baby powder or talcum powder, putting it on the inside of the clothes, because it is easy to tear these clothes not only with your fingernails, but also with your palms. When wearing such clothes, move the shiny latex surface in no way with your fingers, but with your whole palm. You need to press it as tightly as possible to the surface of the material and gently push it until you see the perfect fit of your body with latex.

Cleaning of Latex Clothing

Washing latex also has its own characteristics – it is necessary to wash used latex in water of room temperature with liquid soap. Under no circumstances should this material be rubbed or twisted, and excess water removed by gentle shaking. It is necessary to dry such clothes at a temperature not higher than room temperature, and the strips formed on it are easily removed with a soft towel or cloth. So that the clothes do not stick together, you need to put a little talcum powder inside.

Latex (as well as patent leather, vinyl, silicone) which year has appeared on the pages of fashionable reports? Trendsetters have learned to combine it in such a way that varnished boots or spacious raincoats no longer seem vulgar or intimidating.

What is the combination of such an atypical texture?

The single “cases” of latex look most advantageous: when only one item of clothing from this material is selected for the image. It is also better to decide on flowers on the coast: dark, deep colors, for example, wine, and burgundy, blood-red are preferable for varnish. Some are experimenting with nude, for example, like Kim Kardashian, but for this you need to understand exactly what output this outfit is for.

The last important point is the colors of other “participants” of the outdoor ensemble. Varnished clothes attract so much attention that it is better to do with two colors – the one that was used on the leather product, and any other, but preferably not bright.

Latex today is used to make many types of clothing. To create extravagant and challenging outfits in the new collections, fashion designers use fashion options – latex clothing. As a rule, it is done tightly and therefore looks magnetically and simply fascinating, which is why many artists, singers and showmen often wear it during their performances. A bright suit of latex will definitely create a catchy image that will remain in the memory of the viewer for a long time.

Choosing latex clothing should be taken out to:

  • Most of the models do not fit our women in size, as our size is larger in Chinese women,
  • Chinese latex is fragile and it is very easy to tear when strongly stretched,
  • Styles leave much to be desired and do not correspond at all to the pattern on the package.

Recently, latex leggings have become increasingly popular. These leggings are the perfect shape corrector and tighten all the flaws. More and more dresses, corsets of latex. These clothes will be very appropriate in a nightclub or at a party.

Latex clothing – material features

Externally similar materials are often confused with latex, for example, stretch vinyl, spandex with a special coating, etc. But these materials can be similar to latex only in appearance, but already upon closer inspection, the difference is visible. External similarity is only a glossy shine. But neither by elasticity nor by sensation can they be compared to latex.

The stretch ratio reaches 500% and will encircle the body like a second skin, due to its elasticity, will exactly repeat the curves of the body both at rest and in motion. Many are attracted by this property of latex clothing:

  • A sense of security of the body from the external environment,
  • Relaxation and isolation from the outside world
  • Unusual and very sexy appearance.

Latex clothing is the best for clubs and parties, for those places where you could look extremely sexy and unusual, reveal yourself completely from the new side and make your most intimate fantasies a reality.

One of the main qualities of latex is its exceptional eroticism. Latex clothing can show all the beauty of your body and at the same time, hide all minor flaws. And these are not just words, you can see for yourself, because now such clothes have become available.

How to choose the right range

Of course, it all depends on what sensations you want to experience from wearing latex and where you are going to wear it.

If you want to feel your body completely tightened in latex, – full latex enclosure, – of course you need to purchase a basic element – cat suit.

It is important to understand that the first layer of latex (second skin), in fact, is under-wear. Cat suit in public will look very harmonious on a beautiful female body, in combination with the appropriate accessories – corset, shoes, gloves, jewelry.

You can already wear anything on a cat suit, right up to ordinary outer clothing and go out, knowing that passers-by do not realize that under everyday clothes your whole body is covered in latex. If you are going to surprise your friends at a party, you should purchase latex leggings, whose appearance cannot be compared with any biflex. It will be appropriate and the original latex dress or blouse with a skirt.