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How to choose between the Yoni Balls and Ben wa Balls

Yoni means, in Sanskrit language, the female genital organ as a whole. It is the divine symbol of creative power, feminine energy. The yoni egg is therefore a semi-precious stone cut in the shape of an egg and polished, inherited from the Taoist tradition. It is inserted into the vagina and has many virtues for the well-being of women. Originally, the mothers offered to their young girls to mark their entry into the world of women, their first period.

Why use yoni eggs?

The practice of yoni egg will work 4 fundamental aspects:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Energy
  • Spiritual

It allows you to better know your body, control your pleasure, take care of yourself and reassure yourself. She also asks the perineum to give back to her youth and long life!

The many benefits of practice

Pleasure and self-confidence:

  • Open to the sacred feminine sound
  • Contributes to the general well-being of women by promoting the relaxation of the pelvic area
  • Allows a deep relationship to his intimacy
  • Stimulates the woman’s sexual energy and libido, awakening her body for a fulfilling, sweet and powerful sexuality
  • Prevents vaginal dryness by reviving natural lubrication

Work and maintenance of the perennial muscles:

  • Solicits some muscles of the perineum, promotes toning, sensitivity and flexibility
  • Re-oxygenates tissues and participates in better blood circulation , hormonal and lymphatic,
  • Attenuates premenstrual syndrome and painful menstruation
  • Increases subtlety and pleasure during sex through the knowledge of one’s body.
  • Prevents and resolves problems of urinary incontinence and organ descent


  • Rebalances the hormonal system and reduces the symptoms of menopause
  • Helps to treat psychological suffering (rape, abortion, miscarriages)
  • Extra-vaginal work is also interesting with eggs. The simple fact of laying the stone in contact with the vulva has beneficial aspects according to the virtues of the chosen mineral.

What is the difference between yoni egg or geisha balls?

Geisha balls are recommended for pelvic floor exercises. They help to raise awareness of pelvic floor muscles and accompany sessions with a midwife or physiotherapist. They are ideal for beginners because they are easy to handle, light, easy to remove and more affordable price. They are also very effective.

Yoni eggs have a more spiritual dimension and go hand in hand with a process, a desire, an intention. The virtues of stones can also relieve some ailments, whether physical or psychological.

The natural jade specialist and untreated

Geisha balls are a sex toy and a perennial reeducation and perennial bodybuilding accessory. They are also known as Ben Wa balls (vaginal balls or balls for internal use).

Historically, the balls called “geisha” are balls of 2 to 3.5 cm in diameter, stone, often jade or rock crystal. These balls or stone eggs are used in tao and tantra practices to activate and control the perennial muscles.

The traditional practice teaches the use of a single ball, wireless. If there is a thread, it is only to attach weight to the ball for advanced use. Those who mastered this technique maintained excellent health, and even at advanced ages, their sexual organs were still as strong and vigorous as those of young girls.

Some therapists advise using geisha balls to keep the perineum toned after delivery. The principle of action is the following: by inserting a vaginal cone or a ball, the woman is forced to keep her pelvic floor slightly contracted to prevent the ball from falling.

Egg of Yoni, what you need to know before considering their use

Used for over 2,000 years by Taoist, African and Native American women, jade eggs also called yoni eggs are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and increase the intensity of orgasms. Jade eggs are not necessarily new to any world, but it is clear that we talk more and more, and the trend continues to grow.

Jade eggs are intended to be inserted into the vaginal canal, somewhat like geisha balls, to increase orgasms and muscle tone of the perineum. When the egg is inserted, the “purpose of the game” is to squeeze it and perform movements that are similar to kegel exercises. There are many exercises that can be done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but some women choose to go through the use of yoni eggs. Have a clear idea about yoni eggs or ben wa balls before choosing it for your intense area.

How to use his Yoni Egg?

First of all, before each use, you must start by thoroughly washing and drying your “object of pleasure”. This can be done by boiling it for a few minutes in clean water. Then create a quiet atmosphere, light a candle or your diffuser of essential oils.

Then there are specific exercises that can be done while lying down. It’s about inserting the egg and feeling its presence. From there, you can begin to tighten and release the pelvic floor. It is vital to release after tightening, since the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliberation and expansion is part of the practice. If you get up and the egg falls, do not worry, it’s perfectly normal. However, it is recommended to read a book or take a course with a certified practitioner, because the yoni remains very complex.

The size of Yoni’s egg: small, medium or large?

Given the destination, you can say here that size matters! Big eggs are usually 35 x 50mm, the average size is 30 x 43mm, and the smaller ones are 25 x 35mm. It is generally recommended to start with the average size, then decrease, because unlike dilators, yoni eggs are intended to be reduced as you practice. The smaller the egg, the more dexterity your body needs to keep it inside.

What kind of stone?

Eggs are composed of several precious stones, but the three traditionally used are jade, black obsidian and pink quartz. Jade is most popular for beginners because it is known to be very curative for the female reproductive system. The most important thing, just like when you buy a crystal, is to pay attention to the provenance of the object. Nephrite is a specific type of jade, one tends to think it more powerful spiritually speaking, it is also the most traditionally used by women in ancient China. It comes from Canada or sometimes from Australia, and it’s a darker, dark green, almost black jade.

Pierced or not

If you choose a pierced yoni egg, there will be a hole near the end where you can put a string to easily remove your egg after insertion. Traditionally, the Taoist used pierced eggs to attach string and weights to the other end!

An imperforated egg obviously means that you do not have the opportunity to attach a string to remove your egg. The egg will come out when its “healing work” is finished. Many women are afraid of this option because they are afraid that the egg will be lost “in nature”. Well, just look at any anatomical pattern to realize that in reality, the egg cannot go further than the vaginal canal. So this type of yoni egg for beginners is highly recommended.

Advocates of non-pierced models argue that shooting is not a great idea for perennial muscles, it’s not a buffer! They say that everything is a question of feeling, of perception, and that with practice, one becomes able to say exactly where the egg is located at a moment T and that one is able to make it come out by contracting the muscles close to the cervix while relaxing the muscles close to the vulva.