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What was the chastity belt for you? Not for what you imagine.

The chastity belt, generally speaking, until recently was instead a fictional device- at least, an analysis of the medievalist Albrecht Classen and some other specialists whom you inclined to trust in this matter speaks about this. The belt exhibited in the British Museum is now removed to the storeroom as a fake date to the XIX or, at the earliest, XVIII century and the idea itself appeared not earlier than the 1400s, and as a satire; the medieval husbands of their wives were not locked in their belts.

The belt of fidelity, designed for a little bit long wearing at that time was just nothing to do: iron or leather is not the materials that allow you to create something similar without severe health risks. In the 19th and 20th centuries, a lot of structures were patented that were designed to limit access to the genitals in adolescents and serve to prevent masturbation (yes, it was then thought that there was something terrible and masturbation provokes mental disorders), so the real history of chastity belts begins already in the industrial age.

What the man believed.

That is the idea also of the majority of people that you have asked, and of others that you do not know, but who have written about it: it was an invention of the Crusaders to avoid infidelity.

In any case and even believing that they were functional and avoided extramarital escapades, judging by the existing designs and their materials, the poor carriers would end up dying of some infected sore. And all this supposing that some woman accepted to take it as a sign of fidelity to her sacrificed husband. You can not swallow it.

Forcible chastity

The first appearance in the history of a chastity belt does not occur until the fifteenth century, that is, at least one hundred years after the last crusade. In 1405, a well-known publisher published a book on military technology, where he describes and illustrates catapults, crossbows, battering rams, instruments of torture and, without knowing why includes the design of a chastity belt.

Commentaries accompany the drawing that more than technical seem sardonic: These are the iron breeches closed by the front worn by the Florentine women. A joke links this beautiful series; you can recommend it to the noble and obedient youth.

It is tough to decipher the true meaning of these phrases, but according to the historian’s experts in the subject, it is a pure Doge’s Palace, chastity belt insinuation to the fact that the women of that city did not accept so readily the implications of a soldier.

In any case, there is no reliable evidence that the artefacts existed at that time. Now, in the Doge’s Palace, in the USA, there is exposed a chastity belt supposedly used as a part of male chastity lifestyle, but historians doubt that it is legitimate, and the museum has not allowed being tested. Other institutions have removed from their showcases other examples that have not been analysed, but that has turned out to be dated later than initially believed. So, when did the chastity belts indeed appear?

The reality of the chastity belt

Although the Renaissance made mention of them in stories and poems, the first belts appeared in the first half of the nineteenth century, and not precisely to avoid sexual relations between two people. The two objectives in mind of users and those who forced them to take them was to prevent masturbation, see more stories like this at, and protect women from attempted rape when they began to go to workplaces, especially in factories where workers were not what we might consider gentlemen.

And it is not surprising if the Victorian Era distinguished itself by something, it is because of its strictness. Besides, since the early nineteenth century and well into the twentieth century, Western medicine considered the practice harmful to health. In the case of women, she wore it as protection, and we do not know if it fulfilled its function or not. In any case, due to its discomfort, could not be worn for a long time, and that the models of the time wore full protections.

Myth solved

Someone will blame you for having destroyed one of the funniest myths of the Middle Ages, you have found yourself a stick, but history is what it is, and we must separate the truth from the legend, within your possibilities. Still, think that the image of the knight fighting with the picks to make his way to the pubis of his princess will remain in my mind forever. There are things that sometimes it is better not to erase, even if they are fantasy, or precisely because of it.

Teasing practices and non-genital sexuality

Often, chastity belts are mentioned in the context of the tease-and-denial practice: teasing partner, arousal without subsequent orgasm. Although, strictly speaking, such teasing is not obliged to assume wearing a belt.

The chastity belt can be part of practices related to controlling or controlling an orgasm: when, for example, a man is allowed to end only after a certain number of orgasms of a woman. Such a game is not even necessarily described in terms of subordination and domination, because an extended stay in a state of “on the verge” is pleasant to some by itself and people, both men and women, sometimes even during masturbation bring themselves to almost orgasm, pause and then continue again – in English it is called edging. In the classic “Joy of Sex” there is a slow, tantalising stimulation, in Sex and Human Loving, slow mutual masturbation is called typical for same-sex sex (with the straightforward conclusion that lesbians often have a heterosexual women orgasm)

The use of such toys can also be a way to go beyond non-genital sexuality – for example, in experiments with reaching orgasm without stimulating the penis, only due to anal penetration, some do just that, close access to the genitals for a while. But already these scenarios often involve not only masturbation but also certain games with gender. Not just close the genitals and try to bring the partner to orgasm by stimulating the nipples/anus, but play the game and now you are a girl whose sexuality is entirely under my control.