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Kegel exercise: Improving sexual relationships

Do you know that according to statistics, 15% of couples divorce their marriage because of bed relations, or rather, lack of satisfaction on the marriage bed? Besides, 45% of women are not satisfied with their intimate relationships and the subject providing them. After reading this article, you will get an idea about how the Kegel exercises can help both for men and women in sexual matters.

Kegel exercise: What and why?

In modern society, it so happened that when the one-on-one conversation comes up with intimate questions, we blush, it becomes uncomfortable for us, we don’t know what to do. At the same time, such vulgarities speak in a black box and show pictures of such content that it becomes embarrassing only for its inclusion. Here is such a paradox. However, awareness in love affairs is a necessary thing, essential, and it is expensive. Therefore, it is highly desirable to be well versed in intimate matters. Those know the ways and methods by which you can strengthen your male / female health. On one of these methods, which is associated with physical activity and called the Kegel exercise, is the main point of discussion today.


You can say that all representatives of males are polygamous by nature. This means that even though they have a beautiful wife; they are still pulling to the left. And this “pulls” can manifest itself in different ways: someone is quite easily flirting with a girl – finishing off her position, someone will need physiological relaxation or satisfaction of their deep male needs.

The man is a conqueror and getter, also a terrible proprietor. If he understands that the girl has already become him, and he receives/receives love comforts from her, then the focus begins to shift towards finding other “victims”, new sensations. And this is not necessarily intimacy with another woman, and often it is just a slight hobby and flirt.

It is crucial for him to prove to himself (and to the woman that is currently near him) that he is what the male and his many wants. And most importantly, that he can provide this wish list.

In this regard, it is essential for him to that his male device works correctly, i.e. so that the torpedo was always on alert. In this case, he can count on a “walk to the left”, and his shares will be quoted for a long time in this market. Also, the intimate life with the woman he loves depends on the quality of the device, because there is Indian wisdom, which sounds like this: if a man can give pleasure to a woman, then he does not need any flowers or courtship.

What is the kegel exercise?

Weight lifting and working out at a gym/fitness room makes you stronger and more confident, and it helps to strengthen muscles. Kegel exercise, with the help of kegel balls found at, also helps strengthen muscles, only the last ones you cannot see and demonstrate. However, they are there, and the quality of intimate life depends on the degree of their pumping. And since everything must be harmoniously developed in a person, then it was decided to highlight the theme “below the belt”.

So, in 1940, California obstetrician-gynecologist Arnold Schwarzenegger Kegel developed an exercise of the same name that helps women manage urinary incontinence after childbirth. Further research and Kegel’s application of the training on men and women revealed his more advanced possibilities.

The target muscles are the pelvic floor muscles (PCF). PC-muscles of love have both sexes, and they provide support to the pelvic organs.

Age and weakening of the LC muscles

With age, the pelvic muscles weaken and stretch. As a result, (including) the former youthful agility in bed is lost. Also, as you can strengthen the muscles of your arms or legs by performing special exercises, you can increase the muscles of love. During everyday life, they are little used, so you need to make targeted efforts to strengthen them.

How to find the muscles of love?

To know what to train, you must first determine the target muscle. To find PC muscle, it is necessary for the toilet, while urinating, to try to hold the stream. The tissue that allows it to perform and will be required. The ease and speed with which you can complete your plans will be the current indicator of the strength of the LC muscles. A sure sign of finding the PC muscle in men is an elevation of the testicles during urination. This muscle also restrains a person from the gas formation, which can suddenly descend in a noisy company.

A woman can also find her muscles of love if she places a clean finger inside her vagina and tries to tighten the muscles around her finger.

What are the benefits of doing the Kegel exercise?

This exercise is from the category “small spool, yes roads”. In spite of all his simplicity, he carries a bunch of utilities to improve the quality of intimate (and not only) human life. Performing it on an ongoing basis, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Recovery of urinary control;
  • Avoid uterine prolapse and bladder dislocation;
  • Incontinence care;
  • Improving erection;
  • Executing the Kegel exercises on an ongoing basis helps to achieve the pumping effect, i.e. greater blood flow to the sexual organ. This has a positive impact on improving the quality (strength, degree, and angle) of erection.
  • Improving the power of ejaculation; In addition to the larger store volume, the shooting range is also developed.
  • Delayed ejaculation – longer holding of the combat state;
  • Increased sexual attraction (libido);
  • Better prostate health;
  • Improved orgasm;
  • Strengthening pelvic floor muscles can lead (both sexes) to more powerful and deep orgasms. This is primarily due to the improvement of blood flow to the pelvic area and the increased sensitivity of the genital area.
  • Multiple orgasms;
  • A woman in the process of intercourse with one partner may experience several orgasms at once.

All these are the primary benefits of male kegel exercises. So now you can imagine how important it is for every man to satisfy their partners.

Kegel exercise and physiology of male erection

Any man should be able to use the instrument entrusted to him competently. After all, this directly affects the degree of satisfaction of his partner. Also, he must be enlightened in various intimate matters for his missus to receive the maximum of possible pleasure. Therefore, it is essential, at least in general terms, to have an idea about the principles of the work of your wand of love, in particular, about the mechanism of erection.