Orgasm With A Prostate Massager

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On the other hand: orgasm and the benefits of prostate massage

Few men and even more women realize that a man can experience two types of orgasm. The first is from the stimulation of the penis, and this method is well known to everyone. The second is from stimulation of the prostate and, as the divided feelings of the men; an orgasm from prostate is several times stronger, than from a member of stimulus. However, first things will always be first regarding comfort.

Orgasm with a prostate massager: What it is?

The prostate is an unpaired organ, in shape and size resembling a chestnut fruit, the function and condition of which depend on the level of male sex hormones. The prostate itself, due to the presence in it of a particular enzyme system, is responsible for the formation of the active form of testosterone. The prostate is located under the bladder and covers the initial part of the urethra from all sides. The secondary ducts of the prostate gland open into the urethra. Stimulation of the prostate is through the anus, that is, through the anus.

Thus, the location of the prostate gland in the body of a man and the features of her physiology determine its leading importance in the act of urination, in the implementation of the sexual and reproductive function. No wonder the prostate is called the “second heart of a man”!

Why and how to orgasm with a prostate massager?

Distinguish prostate stimulation, performed for medical purposes, and to receive enjoyment. Medical prostate stimulation is delivered to treat or prevent prostatitis.

Sexual stimulation of the prostate is a good prevention of the disease, which has become a scourge of mature men. Well, plus – new facets of your closeness.

Self-stimulation of the prostate should be carried out with the help of individual devices sex anatomical form, specially designed for this purpose: it is often their own to get a finger to get the prostate, and use improvised things, not intended for this purpose, it is dangerous because of the potential damage to the rectal wall.

For example, stimulators are good for this. Why? First, they decrease before introduction by 50%, which provides comfort and painless use. After the opening, the gadget “opens”. Secondly, they are made of material silicone, containing silver ions and have an antibacterial effect. Moreover, third, thanks to its exciting form, these stimulants affect both the point P – the prostate, and the male point G, located between the base of the penis and the anus.

The necessary conditions for stimulating the prostate should be, first, the awareness and consent of the man himself. In no case should your man not suddenly feel your finger in his anus during sex? Everything must be done slowly and smoothly. Otherwise, it will cause acute pain. Before proceeding to stimulation of the prostate, it is necessary to perform a relaxing massage of the buttocks and the zones around the anus – within 10-15 minutes. The second condition is an active sexual arousal partner – then stimulation will give him less unpleasant moments at first. The third condition – the mandatory use of a large amount of anal lubricant, cream and other oils are contraindicated.

What is the ideal posture to be taken by the man?

The ideal posture for the stimulation of the prostate is the position of the side when a man is lying on its side, and the woman can stimulate both a member of the men and prostate, which will give it extra pleasant. Enter the finger is to be screwed slow motion – as well, as the output. Direct frictional movements will cause severe pain. A woman should insert a finger into about two phalanges and unfold a finger pad to the navel of a man; at this point, she will feel a small seal on the wall. Stimulate can be easy tapping, vibration from side to side and beckoning movement to yourself, it is also possible to stimulate when a woman enters a finger and fixes it on the prostate, and the man begins to squeeze the buttocks pressing the prostate on the inserted finger.

Remember, if everything is done correctly and slowly, it should not hurt. If your man complains of pain, maybe his prostate gland is already inflamed, in which case it is worthwhile to see a doctor. See more information on prostate orgasms.

Anal stimulator with vibration

When you come together to get a man pleasure from stimulation of the prostate, this technique can be used in paired games. To do this, there are stimulators with vibration – for example, the prostate massagers have five modes of vibration. Safety precautions:

  • Carefully read the “How” section.
  • Use plenty of lubricants – making sure, that this type of oil suitable for this toy.
  • After use, be sure to treat the gadget with a special tool for cleaning toys.

A benefit of having the orgasm with the help of Prostate Massagers

Massage of the prostate gland improves blood circulation in the prostate, removes the decaying secret from it. It is used to prevent stagnant phenomena, prostatitis, adenoma, impotence and severe pain in the perineum. Regular prostate massage is indicated in prostatitis (not in the phase of exacerbation) and various sexual disorders, such as premature ejaculation, weak erection, lack of sensation in sex. Also, you can advise such a message as prophylaxis of these diseases to people with a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, those who are deprived of regular sex life, and men who want to increase their sexual power and prevent an age-related decline in potency.


Forget stereotypes and stamps if you are interested in the diversity and richness of your sex life for many years. Visit sex shops, go to the sites of themed online stores, and – most importantly – do not be shy about yourself and your body. You can also check out some online tutorials to overcome your fear or shyness. You can be blindly assured that with a prostate massager you will experience heaven on the earth. Moreover, you will surely have happiness and orgasm through the prostate!