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Written by: HidingMyDarkSecrets

The night before, my stepdaughter, her best friend, my wife and I were in the hot tub. The girls were wearing bathing suits. My wife was wearing a typical one-piece bathing suit that showed off nothing. It was to be expected. The problem was, however, that my stepdaughter was wearing a two-piece bikini that showed off a massive amount of cleavage. For her age, she had boobs bigger than most girls I’d seen. Except for Katie.

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That was an altogether different story. And God, Katie had a body on her. About five-foot-three or so, and about 150-155 pounds, she wasn’t overweight by any means but she had a larger-sized body on her. She had an amazing set of boobs that were busting out of her two-piece bikini top. I couldn’t help but stare at her stomach. A stomach on a girl had always turned me on. And hers really drove me nuts. It wasn’t “big” or heavier, but it was a cute stomach for a girl her size. She had an amazing body on her. Bigger and longer legs. She had a nice round ass. And her chest? God. Amazing. I couldn’t stop glancing at her cleavage. And she knew I was doing it. She could catch me, smile, smirk and she’d giggle as I’d turn red. I normally was not into that kind of thing, knowing the trouble it could cause, but staring at her in a two-piece bikini was difficult to ignore.

My wife as typical was a prude. Katie and my stepdaughter kept making smart-ass comments, joking and laughing. We were in the hot tub and having a good time. Without warning, my wife got pissed off, got out of the tub and said, “This is fucking stupid. You shouldn’t be flirting with a high school girl. You’re gonna get your ass in trouble. Have fun with that shit,” and goddamn if she didn’t get out of the tub and leave.

My stepdaughter and Katie were stunned. They just leaned against the hot tub wall, looked down the hall as the door slammed and said, “What the hell was that all about?”

I just sat there and shrugged. The water was pulsing around me in my swim shorts, the water was hot, I was relaxed and chilled out, and I really didn’t give a shit. I just laughed and blew it off.

The conversation was fun; it got dirty at times, and then without warning, Katie said that we should go naked. I was shocked as hell. I said no. She didn’t listen. Without warning, she stood up and took off her bikini top. And there it was. That fucking beautiful set of boobs on a sixteen-year-old girl. All I could do was stare. Big round nipples. Fucking beautiful. Then the bikini bottom came off. I couldn’t see anything. She was in the water. But goddamn, I wanted to see more.

And without warning, my stepdaughter took off her bikini top and bottom. I stood there. And when Katie said, “Your turn,” I just did it. I stripped down. And the girls stood there staring at my dick bulging, sticking straight out. It ended up with us naked in the tub, one thing leading to another, and God if my stepdaughter didn’t see her best friend jerk me off in the water.

I thought it was done. A one-time thing. And figured that was as far as it’d go. I was wrong.

When I woke up the next morning, my wife and stepdaughter were gone. I walked into the other room and found Katie sleeping. When I said, “Hey,” she woke up with a start. She sat up, her blanket fell down, and I stood there in my shorts staring at her boobs. I blushed. She laughed.

“It’s not like you didn’t already see it last night,” Katie said.

“True,” I said. And just stood there.

It was awkward as fuck. I didn’t know what to do. And then she said it.

“Why don’t you join me?”

I was blown away.

“Yeah. That’s so not going to happen. If anyone found that shit out, it’d get ugly.” I finally said.

“They went into town. They’ll be gone three or four hours,” Katie said.

I stood there looking at her. I wasn’t sure what she wanted.

She finally spoke.

“I want to be with you. I wanted that last night but knew I couldn’t with Brandy there. I know you were thinking about it,” Katie said.

“Yeah. I was. I won’t deny that. You kind of made it difficult to not,” I said.

We both laughed.

I finally picked up my cell phone and called my wife. She told me what Katie said. They’d be in town for at least three hours.

“I know you’re pissed off. But we wanted to do some stuff. We’ll do another day in town,” my wife said.

“I was hoping to go into town. You guys can’t come back and get us?” I said.

“No. We’ll be at least another hour shopping. Another half hour coming back, and then having to go back. We’ll just do it another day,” my wife said.

I looked at Katie as I hung up.

“She’s going to be at least three hours,” I said.

Katie pulled back the covers.

She was in her panties. No bra. I stood there staring at her body. With only a pair of white plain panties covering her lower half. And then she shocked me.

She pulled her ass up off the bed. She pulled her panties down. And she tossed them on the floor.

I stood there staring at her. Puffy nipples. Big boobs. And a red patch of pubic hair between her legs.

I was rock hard. And I knew it.

Katie stared at me.

“I’m not going to tell. I promise,” she said.

I don’t know why I did it. I don’t. But I couldn’t help it. I stripped my shorts off. Took my t-shirt off. And I climbed into bed.

I lay there for a second. I hesitated. Katie rolled over next to me. She looked me in the face.

And then we kissed.

It was instant. We were all over each other.

“God. I really want to be with you,” Katie said to me.

“I want you. I really want you so bad. But I know this is stupid and risky. This is really dangerous,” I said.

Katie looked at me and gasped as my dick pushed against her leg.

“I promise I won’t say anything. I mean it. This is between us. I really like you. A lot. I really want to do this. I mean it,” Katie said.

I buried my face against her neck. I kissed her mouth. I was making out with her hard and heavy. I started fingering her. I was lying there against her naked body. I slid my fingers up against her clit. She gasped. I moved them farther. She gasped. I slid one and then a second one inside her. She was soaking wet between her legs. I started rubbing. And not more than a couple of minutes later, she gasped.

“Oh God. Please. Please. Don’t stop,” Katie said.

And she came all over my hand.

She was shaking. She thrust her hips upwards. She pushed me. She squeezed her teenage pussy. She had my fingers in a tight grasp. She kept gasping and moaning. I started kissing her. I pushed my fingers up against her.

“Oh holy God,” Katie said.

“I’m going to do it again. Oh God. Please. Don’t stop,” Katie said.

I felt her soak my fingers again. My hand was drenched. She kept going and going. And then fell back against the bed.

I moved down to her stomach. I started kissing. I pushed my mouth against her pubic hair. I kissed it. Katie gasped.

I lowered myself between her legs. I spread her pussy lips. I put my tongue against her pussy lips. She gasped. And I entered her with my tongue. It was instant.

Katie’s juice soaked my face. She pushed her hips upwards. She thrust her ass up in the air. I felt my face get soaking wet. She kept gasping and calling my name. And then lay back on her back.

I moved up against her. I lay there with her. She was looking at me.

“Oh Jesus. This is like the best. Oh my God. You are truly amazing,” Katie said.

I looked at her and just kissed her softly on the lips.

“Do it,” Katie said.

“What?” I finally said.

“With me. Please,” Katie said.

She spread her legs. I moved between them. My dick was absolutely solid. It was rock hard. It was pulsing.

And I entered her.

Katie thrust upwards. She pushed her hips in the air. I felt her naked teenage body push against me. Her pussy was absolutely drenched. It was soaking my dick. I thrust deep inside her. She gasped my name.

She reached around my back. Her arms went around my back. She pulled me against her. I lay on top of her. My dick was inside her. Katie laid there. I was pushing gently inside her. I moved slowly. We kissed. I pushed again. She dug her fingernails into me.

“Please,” Katie said.

“Please what?” I finally said as I slowed down.

“Please. I don’t want you to stop. I know you are. I know you’re worried. Please don’t. I want you to,” she said.

I knew what she was implying. I was scared. I’d never done this.

But I wanted it so bad. I wanted it with her.

I started moving my hips. Katie gently moved her ass in the air. She thrust her hips slowly. And then pushed faster. I felt my dick bury itself deeper inside her.

I started thrusting faster. I was kissing her as I felt my ass moving up and down. I felt myself going in and out of her. She slid her tongue inside my mouth. We started kissing passionately. She lay back. I kept moving. I looked at her. She gasped. Smiled at me.

And I gasped her name. I thrust one last time inside her. I pulled out.

And when I pushed inside Katie again, I exploded.

To be continued…