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Enjoyment with a Butt Plug: You should know the Secrets

The thing with the plugs is that they often have too short a catch for the calf muscle, which is much too pronounced. Yours should be used to be able to close completely and then there hangs an object that ensures that it only goes down to a diameter of 1-2cm. That this hurts after some time is not surprising. The professionals will correct you: it cannot be the point of the matter getting your anus used to not closing properly. In addition, such plugs are usually stupid because they can be pushed out.

You can solve the problem by making your own one out of aluminum, which will rework until the anus is able to close the entire length up to a few mm in diameter. However, this is a thing that looks different for every person so a made-to-measure. So hold it loose for a day, without afterwards or suffer from sphincter-release.

Anal plugs are very different from other sex toys

So where is the difference between an anal plug and a dildo or vibrator? While there are many toys intended for anal use, anal plugs have some distinctive character traits.

A plug is designed to be introduced and get stuck. Of course, while you can maneuver it in and out, if you want to, dildos are mostly used for this task. That’s because plugs have a tapered shape. It starts narrow at the beginning, gets thicker in the middle, and again very tight at the end, before the bottom begins. This very narrow end in front of the floor allows the sphincter to close around the plug and thus comfortably carry it in the body without it falling out.

Unlike other anal toys, the plugs can be safely worn in the body for a longer period of time. Some people also like to let him be stuck all night and some even share their photos in https://www.instagram.com/loveplugs.co/ page. Of course you can wear the plug only for a few moments.

The use of anal plugs also carries certain risks

But not all anal plugs are the same. Although you initially liked your newly purchased plug, you will eventually realize that it was made of PVC. This material often contains phthalates, chemicals that are used as plasticizers in plastics. Although these phthalates can be found everywhere (in shower curtains, for example), they can trigger hormone fluctuations. Many experts therefore do not consider them suitable for use in sex toys. After a few months, your first butt plug had melted into a tar-like puddle when you left it standing on the windowsill in a heat wave.

Because there’s so much to know about butt plugs, experts have put together an extensive list of good reasons why you should own one and how to incorporate it into your comedies. Whether you have recently encountered your anal passion or are already expert in using your butt, take a look at this list and discover which tips will be added over time.

Would like more?

In 60 seconds to climax – The vibrator star in your circle of friends. No need to be a beginner in anal pleasure to be in plugs or anal plugs. For example, you have never used one, but you have done anal sex. Therefore, before using one of these toys, wanted to know what it is, to prevent outbursts while discovering your own reaches. You can use it to have fun, to warm up alone thinking about the fact and the possibility, to warm up the other. Also for the next time you have anal sex it hurts less, without letting it hurt a bit, because a little pain is necessary, just a little to add a new component to your submission game.

From less to more

Use your “previous knowledge”, start from what you already know: that when a sex toy is used starting for the first time, it is best to start with the most frugal version. When you start on the vibrators, you did not start with the Rabbit, but with a basic model, not too big, right? With the plugs would have to be the same.

You have to start with the smallest, which will also be the cheapest. Maybe invest a little more and buy a kit for beginners, with plugs of different sizes, made of soft materials and in cute colors. Sure in American sex shop of confidence they will know how to give you a reason for them.

The shape and material

If you manage to feel comfortable or sweet, happy, bearable uncomfortable with a plug elementary, then you’ll be ready to take a chance and try another larger, or less friendly material such as aluminum. Regarding the form, there are models for different purposes. The curved ones are designed to stimulate the prostate, of which you fortunately lack.

So you need to plan to get a small plug, silicone, shorter than long, with a wide base and no stuffed animals, because experts said that you start with the basics, and you do not know if the beau would fancy the disguise. These are available at love plugs.

How much time?

How long can you keep butt plug in. Can you wear it all day? At work? While you sleep: You must try these toys at least once to make your sex life remarkable. The sex experts said that it was a good idea to go to school, to the bank, to the office, with a plug in place. You can use it for all day. Could it be that one day you get such a feat? Souls and May God protect you. Experts recommend that, if you try to walk through life carrying a plug, it is loaded with a re-sealable plastic bag, in case the goal becomes very uncomfortable and you want to carry the toy hygienically. Obviously, you will have to start with a few minutes, then an hour, gradually increasing the time.

Other measures

Three things that you already knew but that is not superfluous to remember:

  • You have to use lubricant. A lot, all the necessary.
  • It is better to buy toys that are easy to clean. If they are silicone, it is better to use special cleaners, which do not dry out the material.
  • The plugs too large or heavy materials (such as glass or metal) can cause tears, if Wearable too long. You have to be careful.

With luck, you can gather all your courage and insert the butt plug and lost in the heaven. Don’t shy to share your experience with your partner for betterment.