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Beginner’s Guide to Dildos and tips for protecting it from others

You need a toy for internal stimulation, and then your goal is a dildo. Different colours, shapes and sizes, they are created for pleasure, which cannot be obtained from other toys. Even though dildos cannot rotate, vibrate and pulsate, they can give comfort, which will not provide electronic gadgets, so it is essential to choose the right model.

When you think about buying a dildo, then you believe that it is enough to write in Google: “a good dildoā€¯ and he will show you the perfect model. Unfortunately, this does not happen, but we have broken down the possible models into categories to simplify the selection.


They are designed specifically for anal use and have some differences from the standard. Anal dildos are usually already and have a form that allows you to stimulate more nerve endings. Most often they have an expanding base for safer use.


In Strap department you will find both the belts and are compatible with their dildos or ready sets. Beginners will appreciate the kits, as they are easy to use and they are prepared to handle. If you have already used strap-ons, you may want to replenish your collection with durable and wear-resistant straps that fit well with existing toys.

Double Sided

These toys look fantastic, but they are great for sharing and delightful use. Double-sided dildos can be twisted and bent, allowing you to use them in different poses or for double penetration. Two people can easily use them.


Dildos made of borosilicate glass are not as fragile as it seems. They are very durable and can cool and heat up without the risk of cracks and chips. Their material is well suited for stimulating the G point and prostate, and the smoothness of the glass makes penetration easy and comfortable. Glass dildos are easy to clean so that they can be used as anal.

Suction Cup

As a rule, it is made in a realistic style. The suction cup allows you to free your hands during masturbation and expands the possible poses for the game.


Yes, you undoubtedly read – inflatable dildos! Made from bending latex or rubber, they are pumped with air using a particular pump.

Why do you need inflatable dildos? Because they give a feeling of overflow and stretching! Beginners better start with small sizes and slowly experiment, picking up to a larger scale.


There is no need for explanations; these are dildos from 18 cm long. They are not only of fixed length but also of large diameter so that you will find something to your taste. However, always read the description before buying -Some models are so huge that only very experienced people can use them!


Heavy and hard, such dildos do not seem attractive, but the sparkling surface attracts the eye, and the feeling of the chill inside is not compared with anything. Metal models are very smooth, which facilitates their entry and will appeal to beginners.


Realistic models are popular because they look and, more interestingly, feel like real ones. They come in all shapes and sizes and are well suited to the inexperienced. And then some models can vibrate.


Safe for skin, hygienic, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odourless and tasteless – should it be continued? Medical silicone dildos are an alternative to rubber that may be allergic. Smooth and durable toys are ideal if you want to buy something beautiful and durable.

Where to hide your toys from children

Now the question comes how to conceal your dildo. Out of the places where you can protect your toys? Do your children, roommate or pet find them no matter where they are? Do not worry! Here is a list of possible places where you can hide your sex goods.

Even people without children understand the importance of proper shelter for sex toys like the dildo. We all heard, witnessed or took part in embarrassing situations, when through the living room, where many people gathered for a big holiday, the pet brought a bright pink dildo in front of everyone, or when a joyful child found out that his parents were “superheroes” a collection of whips, handcuffs and other strange devices. This guide is designed to help you discover the creative hiding places of your home, and hopefully, inspire you to find your own.

For some, storing your toys in a box under the bed is an acceptable option, but it cannot be suitable for everyone. So what alternatives are there to hide your sex treasures?

Many stores sell cool boxes decorated with locks, but the main thing they are not to lose the key. If you are lucky tall, you can keep your collection in the upper part of the cabinet, but short, it will not help. There is, of course, an option to hide everything under a pillow or in a teddy bear, but imagine your surprise if you forget about it, and your pillow starts to vibrate violently in the middle of a dream?

Even with limited space, several roommates, or curious children, there are lots of places to hide something in the house: behind the TV or microwave, behind the books on your bookshelf, in an empty bottle under the shampoo under the sink, and these are just a few of them. Why confine yourself to a bedroom when you can have fun in any room in your home? You should turn on the imagination and hide a toy in each room for such adventures.

The space behind the TV is not the only possible cache option in the living room. You can easily place the toy between the sofa cushions, under the chair, or in the pot! Of course, your lime-green ten-inch device can be a sword to play your children, well, if you can convince others of this at the right moment. And do not limit your imagination, just hiding a toy for a microwave. Hide one after the bag of frozen peas, which has been stored in the freezer for two years, or under the stove, but do not forget to make sure that the device does not melt. While hiding your toys in the kitchen, do not forget which vegetable oil you use for lubrication and which one for cooking! In the bathroom, toys can be hidden in a cardboard roll of toilet paper, behind the toilet, or under a towel that no one ever uses.

If you are a bold and risky person, you can use the “hide in plain sight” approach. You can use balls as part of interior decorations, and no one will ever understand that Kegel balls were on the coffee table! Use butt plugs as artificial candles: the more interesting their design is, the more stylish person your friends and relatives will consider you – make sure that nobody tries to light them.

Remember, you need to be creative and not limit your imagination to just the bedroom! But, of course, to hide everything in plain sight or even in a place that seems like a proper shelter outside the bedroom is just asking for trouble. Considering all the circumstances, it may be better to buy a safe. And for the sake of the well-being of your toys, do not lose the key!