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Egg Vibrator: What is it and how to use it?

Do you want to diversify sex with erotic games at home and on the street? Egg vibrator is here to rescue you.

What is an egg vibrator and why is it needed?

This is a small (up to 9 cm) egg-shaped vibrator. The dull appearance of the toy makes it a good option for people living with children or curious neighbours and compact dimensions allow you to quickly take a device with you for a walk or a trip.

How to use egg vibrator?

The mini egg vibrator is a toy with which you can find a lot of uses. Such a device is suitable for masturbation, and for sex with a partner. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Initially, the vibro-egg is intended for immersion inside the womb, but nothing prevents you from playing with its vibrations on the clitoris, nipples or partner’s scrotum
  • Accelerate your orgasm during vaginal penetration by attaching the toy to the head of the clitoris
  • Try anal sex while egg stimulates the bosom
  • The main fans of the device are couples or girls who are interested in trying out unnoticeable stimulation in public places. Just imagine: a small vibrator that will flutter inside you in the back rows of a cinema, in a restaurant, a taxi or during a walk
  • Bring in the sex life of a variety, inviting the partner to play with the exchange of power in the style of BDSM. To do this, trust your lover with a toy control console when you go out into the world with a vibrating egg inside – now only he controls your pleasure and orgasm in the most unpredictable conditions.

If you are a happy owner of a vibrator, which is controlled from a smartphone – try with your partner all the joys of virtual sex. Ask him to download the application and manage the toy during a phone call or Skype conversation.

Immerse and hold the egg in the womb – it is useful for the walls of the vagina. However, to achieve noticeable progress in the training of the pelvic floor, expert still recommend using the specially designed Kegel toy.

How does vibro-egg work: instructions for use?

Egg vibrator is ready for an erotic game from the moment of purchase. It is enough to disinfect with a special tool or, if the accessory is waterproof, wash with soap and water also worth doing before and after each use.

Using a vibro-egg – not crucial for external or internal stimulation – is much more pleasant to the accompaniment of a lubricant. For plastic devices, any oil is suitable, and for silicone ones – only water-based. Lubricate and gently immerse the egg in the bosom or lead to sensitive points of the body.

Choosing a vibro-egg: what to look for?

Control: What to choose: a wireless vibro-egg with a remote control or a device with buttons on the case? If you independently masturbate at home, then you do not particularly need a remote vibrator. However, if you want to play with a partner outside the home or at a distance, trusting him control of the toy, D / U or power using the application on the smartphone is a necessary feature.

Material: Most often, these vibrators are made of plastic or silicone. Besides, there is a different surface, which can be denser and tenderer, velvety. The way of care depends on the material of the device, the durability of the toy and its price.

Functional: Different models have different power and number of speeds, there may be the possibility of pulsation or stimulation. The more modes are there more fun to play. However, the price increases.

Charging: Egg can feed on batteries or battery. The price tag is lower for the first option, but it is necessary to re-buy batteries for such a device. So in the end, a rechargeable toy can be even cheaper.

Price: The cost of the toy depends on the quality. The most expensive vibrators are controlled by a smartphone application; made from 100% medical silicone, have many modes of operation and a rechargeable battery. The price also depends on the manufacturer: American brands are more expensive than Chinese ones and, of course, a certified product with guarantees from the manufacturer will always be worth more than a fake brand.

The best vibro eggs available in the market

  1. We-vibe Jive

Perhaps the best that is in the collection! The device simultaneously stimulates the G zone of the main trunk and vibrates on the clitoris with a soft tail. Control Jive with your smartphone: choose any of the ten stimulation modes or create your own. The toy is made of medical silicone, completely waterproof and works almost silently.

  1. Magic Motion Flamingo

Vaginal and clitoral stimulation, vibration to music, virtual sex, and even Kegel workouts – this small bird can surprise. Place the body of the flamingo inside the vagina, leaving the neck “hug” the clitoris. The toy can be controlled using the button on the case, but it is even more convenient from the smartphone, especially since additional functions will open to you there.

  1. Svakom Elva

This wireless vibrator guarantees an individual approach. In total, the toy has 26 modes of operation: 5 variants of vibration multiplied by five levels of intensity allow you to control the orgasm, and then distance it, then approaching. Of particular interest is the 26th mode – intellectual. It imitates real sex, changing methods from a slight thrill to a steady buzz. Thanks to the eyelet, it is convenient to hold the toy in your hands, even in conditions of high humidity. By the way, about wet: Elva’s vibro-egg is entirely waterproof. And this toy is very quiet. It is controlled by the buttons on the case or D / U of the remote control.

Still, doubt whether it is worth trying egg vibrator?

If you want to experiment with a partner to add variety to sex, the vibrator-egg is an exciting option. Sex games in unusual places excite the imagination of many. A mini-vibrator will help your couple test this favourite kink. With a vibrating egg, you can masturbate imperceptibly, get excited and even get an orgasm in public.