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Enjoy Sex while bathing: Make your lover out of Control

Sex in the shower is not free of charge often content wet dreams. When playing love under the water jet it comes to hot experiences. Here are best shower positions for bubbly highlights under the shower.

The best sex positions in the shower

In the shower it is tight, slippery and steamy. And these are basically the best conditions for tingling experiences for two. Nevertheless, there is also a danger of mishaps. In the following poses you take risks out of the way, use the place optimally and conjure up a love temple from the tiny cabin.

Closely entwined

In this position you can look deeply into the eyes. She lifts her at the hips up; she wraps her legs around you and leans against the tiles with her back. A small wall projection or handles on the wall can help with jacking.


In the classic sex position under the shower, your sweetheart is standing with his back to you, leaning against the wall as you enter. Because you do not need your hands for lifting, you can hug your sweetheart, pamper your fingers and enjoy the pattering water.


The coziest of all sex positions in the shower is at the expense of spontaneity and requires equipment. Slide a waterproof stool into the shower cubicle and use it to your heart’s content. Because the hands do not have to support themselves, many positions and enduring games are possible.

On the knees

Both partners kneel before each other and angle one leg as if you were making a marriage proposal. To take advantage of the narrow space and have a good hold on lovemaking. This is too complicated for you? You can also go to your knees. Her leg is then between the legs of the loved one.


Only couples who like a walk-in shower can feel so luxurious. Here you can lay down with relish, while your partner sets on you and determines the pace. This is wonderfully slippery, but harmless.

With acrobatics

The experienced shower lovers and snake women get their money’s worth in this hot position. Your love puts a leg on your shoulder and pulls up close to you. He stands upright against her and invades her, wrapping her arms around his neck. Foamed, it flutters even better!

Many couples want more variety during sex. A good option is the shower in the bathroom. So the down pouring warm water provides additional pleasant showers. In addition, sex in the shower is a completely different experience than sex on the couch or in bed. So that the wet erotic experience really stays in pleasant memory, it is advisable to pay attention in advance to a few tips and know the appropriate positions.

Warm up in the shower

To kindle the lust of the partner, a kind of warm-up program should be carried out. This means that at first only one partner goes into the shower while the other one watches him slowly soap himself with shower gel and let the water flow over his body. In this way, the desire of the waiting partner increases, but only allowed to come into the shower when the other person allows him.

Take the right position

When having sexual intercourse in the shower, it is important to take the appropriate position so that you do not slip and may even hurt yourself.

Doggy style

The best position is a variant of the so-called doggy style (doggy style). The partner turns her face towards the shower wall and bends slightly forward. At the same time a foot is placed on the edge of the shower tray. The woman can rest on the shower wall while her partner holds her by the hips and pulls her close. Then the partner slowly penetrates from behind into his partner.


Another position variant is the so-called high seat. The partner sits in the shower tray and angles his legs a little bit or stretches them out. Then the partner takes his place on his lap. In this position, the woman can set the rhythm and at the same time enjoyably let the running water flow over her back.


Also practicing in the shower is oral sex . The best way to pamper your partner is to slowly work your tongue up and down.

Sex standing up

While standing up, the partner leans her back against the shower wall and lays a leg around her partner’s back. This then takes over the main work. It is advantageous if the man can support himself or hold on to something.

Useful utensils

Who is afraid to slip out of it, should get from a sex shop a few utensils, which are especially suitable for sex in the shower. These include, for example, a small footstool or anti-slip pads against the wet floor of the shower tray. Another variant are handcuffs. These have suction cups, which can be attached to the wet shower wall. In this way, the partner can hold on while being lifted by her partner. As the man has to carry less weight, the wet pleasure lasts longer.

Use lubricant

Although it is already wet enough when having sex in the shower, experts also recommend the use of lubricants. In this way, the effect of water can be enhanced and the bodies of both partners can glide perfectly together.

Sex while standing

Sex in the shower should be as intimate and romantic as possible? If you are about the same size, the following is one of the best positions: If you face each other, you can lean your back against the wall and put a leg around his hips. And now nothing separates anymore, except the water that patters on your tangled bodies.

Play it safe

Who has sex in the shower especially with slippery surfaces and bruises, who can choose the safe number? For this she goes to her knees, he kneels behind her like a doggy style and invades (if the shower tray allows it, otherwise just dodge into the bathtub). In this position you can move unrestrained, because slipping would really be an art here.

Lazy outstretched

Who owns a walk-in shower, has won in this case: Here, both can make it really comfortable. He lies down with relish on the back; she sits down on him and sets the pace. In addition the pattering water on the skin – wonderful.

Quite comfortable sitting

Where there is a will there is a way. Really good sex sometimes requires some preparation. In this case, a small (waterproof) stool, which you push into the shower cubicle when sitting, the sex in the shower is a lot easier and goes for both not so in the arms and thighs. How you drape yourself in the chair, whether forward, backward, sideways, is up to you.

The classic

This position is the classic in the shower – and with good reason: it’s just extremely hot when it can support itself against the wall while penetrating from behind (anal or ‘normal’). Both are under the shower jet and can let go in peace. You do not have to experience lifting exercises. This position is truly always, with every man and every shower!

Prince’s seat without marriage proposal

Slipping was yesterday. For this perfect shower position, both go to one knee, the other leg is set up. That should give enough grip for a lot of action. To do this, set the water in the appropriate temperature and smooch unrestrainedly until the water bill stops.

Against the wall

For this position, you should either be a flyweight or proud owner of a muscle man. In any case, this position is very spontaneous and you do not have long gymnastics. Smooch a little, then wrap a leg around his waist and heat him up – then he will automatically access. For the ups and downs then make his (hopefully) well-trained legs.

Quite in love

Looks a bit like a knot, but is a very intimate and intimate position. Both sit opposite each other and loop their legs around each other’s hips. Here you can look deep into the eyes, while the water patters down on you and you move very slowly together.