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What is better – a vibrator or a dildo? What to choose?

What is better – a vibrator or a dildo? How to understand what kind of sex toy should be purchased? In the war of vibrator vs dildos here are the main differences between the vibrator and the dildos are and what you should pay attention to when choosing a particular toy.

Availability of Vibration

The vibrator has it; dildo does not. Various modes of vibration, pulsation, escalation are designed to give you additional stimulation of the walls of the vagina, anus or clitoris, from which the sensations will be much brighter, and orgasms will overtake you faster.

Strong Style Toys

As a rule, vibrators have a firmer barrel. This is due to the presence inside the vibropuli or motors, which are covered with a plastic layer to preserve their integrity. Phalluses do not have this feature. Due to this, they are more flexible and soft and therefore are ideal for experiments in various sex positions. However, this does not mean that rubber (dildos from the cyber skin, TPD, gel, etc.) vibrators are “oak”, they bend less.

Design and Model Range

The third difference is a wide choice of designs and models for vibrators and a minimal choice for dildos. In the modern sex shop, you will find a considerable number of vibrators with various designs – curved, double, with different processes, etc., while dildos, by definition, should imitate the penis, and therefore cannot boast a large selection of original designs.


The fourth difference can be considered a different feature of toys. Due to all sorts of bends, shoots, vibrations and other functions, the vibrator is more exciting and functional. The best manufacturers of sex toys develop designs and shapes, taking into account the particular structure of the female body, which allows you to achieve the most pleasant sensations while playing with a vibrator. Thus, if you are interested in enhanced stimulation of everything (vagina, point G, clitoris, labia), it is better to choose something from:

Exclusive vibrators or hi-tech (computer) vibrators;
If realism is more important to you, then you should first of all pay attention to;
Realistic dildos or realistic vibrators;

And vibrators and dildos will give you a naturalistic sensation during use. You get an intense stimulation of the walls of the vagina or anus due to the embossed or ribbed surface of the toy. Particularly enjoyable will be the penetration of phallus or vibrators made from thermoplastic rubber or cyber skin. They have a softer and more realistic structure; quickly adopt body temperature, which is indispensable for lovers of natural sensations.

Appointment of Vibrators and phalluses

For vaginal stimulation, both dildos and vibrators are equally well suited. For anal stimulation, it is best to use phalluses, because their use is much softer, which is crucial if you are new to this business. For clitoral stimulation, the advantage belongs to the vibrators, because they guarantee you stronger and brighter sensations due to multi-speed vibration.

Recommendation for Selection

When choosing a vibrator or dildo, always pay attention to:
• The material from which they are made;
• Toy parameters;
• The presence of additional processes or modes of vibration.

Vibrator history

Reasons that can push a person to acquire a dildo can be listed for a very long time. Most likely, it was these inventive seamstresses who were the creators of the first vibrators in the history – a particular item that can move by itself. And their ideas had worthy successors – literally every day the rows of vibrators are replenished and improved by various innovations.

The result of this long-term “war for pleasure” is a massive number of vibrators and dildos of the most unimaginable designs, sizes and colours. To verify this, go to any sex shop.

The most “unassuming” option – a classic of the genre: an artificial member. Shops that specialise in devices for pleasure offers them for every taste – you will not be limited in choice be it size, material or colour. For lovers of the traditional option – rows of flesh-coloured members, for extreme lovers and lovers of something more extravagant, there is the opportunity to choose any colour from the spectrum. The same applies to the rest of the parameters – everyone will be able to select the most satisfying option for them, in every sense of the word.

The materials used in the manufacture of artificial members, a unique variety do not differ. It is plastic, rubber and silicone gels. Nevertheless, the article must be taken into account when choosing – the most expensive silicone imitators are closest to the original (regarding tactile sensations, which, you will agree, play a significant role). Although a dildo made of silicone gel is not as hard as a real member in an excited state – believe that its other parameters will allow you to ignore this small drawback. Here you can hardly find the necessary realism.

Regarding how to use an artificial member – here your only guide is your imagination. At first glance, a trivial subject, a dildo can turn long winter evenings into a real celebration of sexuality, which does not hurt single women.

Besides – the dildo is an indispensable thing if you want to experience the very vaginal orgasm finally. How many times, being in bed with even the most experienced lover, did you find yourself thinking that here he should have been a little more active, and here to linger longer? No one was better than you can understand your body and its desires. Therefore, if you have the proper tool in your hands, achieving a vaginal orgasm will become just a matter of time. And you no longer have to chase after him – relax, listen to yourself – and in time you will plunge into the ocean of real bliss!

But we touched on only one aspect of the variety of sex shops. The curious mind of engineers who chose the pseudo-phallus and orgasmic industry as their niche decided not to dwell on such a common variant as an artificial member. So do not be surprised by going to the sex shop – with all these mysterious tools you can get no less, and even more pleasure.

The names of the technical innovations in the sex industry amaze the imagination no less than the novelties themselves. For example, “a set for beginners”: This kit is a vibrating base with an engine and about ten nozzles. To beginners to master with this wealth, not immediately from its diversity, the package includes the most common dildo. Specific devices, representing the remaining nozzles, are designed for use in a variety of ways. These are attachments for the caress of the clitoris, balls on an elastic rod, caressing the anus, a nozzle for stimulating the Grafenberg point (point G), and other equally inspiring devices.

But even with the devices for “beginners” is not quite easy. To obtain due pleasure from the use of some attachments, you need to know the specifics of their use and the features of the stimulated points. For example, the notorious point G. Even if you have a nozzle for its stimulation or a first vibrator, you should not feverishly stimulate it, only by seizing upon the technology. The specificity of the Greenberg point’s sensitivity lies in the fact that it is worth to caress only when you are already slightly excited. It is believed that if you start to touch this point immediately after you have received a clitoral orgasm. For most, such affection ends with nothing less than a vaginal orgasm.